Best Restaurants in Fulham

La Pizzica - Italian (Apulian) Restaurant

$$$ 764-766 Fulham Rd, SW6 5SJ, Fulham, London
Italian Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
La Pizzica - Italian (Apulia) Restaurant is located in the heart of Fulham in London. At La Pizzica our aim is to make you feel at home: our home. It’s a family business founded by three brothers: Rocco, Gianluca and Ivan D’Aversa who are supported by an amazing team who love Italian food and drink culture in their own right. Traditionally, Puglian cuisine has been labeled cucina povera or poor cuisine. This is based on the idea that the region is less verdant and thus has fewer obvious global dishes. Whilst this is partly true, in fact, the label is derived from the fact that very little of the land’s bounty is wasted. Wild broccoli, asparagus, lesser cuts of meat are all used with astonishing results.

Fulham Tavern

$$$ 222 Munster Road, SW6 6AY, Fulham, London
International Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual Family Style Cocktail Bar
Fulham Tavern is situated in a picturesque and lively area on Munster rd in London and it's an excellent choice for anyone seeking a delectable meal in a friendly environment. The establishment offers a fantastic venue with a welcoming atmosphere, delicious food options, and an unforgettable experience. At Fulham Tavern, they take pride in providing to guests with a diverse and exciting menu that includes options for meat-eaters, seafood enthusiasts, and vegetarians alike. The comfortable and spacious setting is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends, family, or colleagues. Whether you’re a die-hard Fulham FC fan or just looking for a great spot to grab a bite and a drink, they welcome you to join us at Fulham Tavern. Fulham Tavern is an amazing option for group bookings because of its inclusive range of food options that cater to a variety of dietary requirements and preferences. With choices available for meat-eaters, pescatarians, and vegetarians alike, there is something to please everyone’s palate.

Efes Turkish Restaurant Mile End Road

$$ 230 Mile End Rd, E1 4LJ, Fulham, London
International Mediterranean Middle Eastern Ethnic Premium Casual Family Style
Efes Restaurant is named after Ephesus, the historic city in the Turkish Aegean region. Discover the exciting EFES menu, offering the aromatic & traditional flavors of Turkey. The restaurant is located in Mile End Road, London.


$$$$ 636 Fulham Rd, SW6 5RT, Fulham, London
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
Located in the heart of London's iconic Fulham Road and just 5 minutes' walk from Parson Green underground, PerBacco is more than just a restaurant. It's a stunning foray into Northern Italian fare. As an original Italian knows, it all starts with pasta. That's why Chef Arrigoni hand-makes his pasta fresh each day. PerBacco is pleased to offer a range of fine meats, cheeses, antipasti, mains and desserts to complete the array of pasta dishes, sure to delight the most refined palettes.

Megan's By The Green Restaurant

$$$$ 57-69 Parsons Green Ln, SW6 4JA, Fulham, London
Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Megan's by the Green is our little restaurant opposite Parsons Green station. The ceiling is draped with blooming flowers and fairy lights. A floral, fresh and welcoming location, which prepares its diners to savour the flavours and smells of Mediterranean and European cuisine in full British style. Breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners; you can sit down whenever you want for a family get-together or a lunch with colleagues.

Manuka Kitchen

$$$$ 510 Fulham Rd, SW6 5NJ, Fulham, London
English European Casual Dining Bistrot
Manuka Kitchen is an intimate restaurant in the heart of Fulham, serving seasonal and seasonal menus made with high-quality, responsibly sourced ingredients. Enjoy innovative and nutritious dishes in a relaxed space any day of the week. The ingredients are the real heroes, each carefully selected for the health of customers and the planet. The ingredients are sourced from local suppliers that match the restaurant's values. The menu changes monthly, with an emphasis on fresh, home-cooked foods.

Yucca London

$$$ 496 Fulham Rd, SW6 5NH, Fulham, London
Mexican Family Style
Yucca was born with an ambition to provide high-quality, delicious Mexican food to the local community in West London. A colourful, casual place in full Mexican style, they guarantee a vast menu, which re-proposes Mexican tradition's delights and gastronomic delicacies.

Meridionale Restaurant

$$$ 311 New Kings Rd, SW6 4RF, Fulham, London
Italian European Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
Meridionale, "from the south", is a new vision created to showcase the Italian food culture. The team invites diners to relax in a warm, rustic setting and celebrate Italian. With its basic interior and casual atmosphere, customers return to the Meridionale again. Surrounding much of southern Italy's culinary culture, what you see here is the real deal. Fresh, high-quality ingredients are blended to create genuine Italian cuisine to take diners on a culinary journey via the southern regions – think fresh homemade pasta and Neapolitan pizzas alongside fresh fish and seafood platters.


$$$ Ground Floor 238, 240 Munster Rd, SW6 6BA, Fulham, London
French Premium Casual
Get ready to discover the flavours of French cuisine. Each cuisine has its history, traditions, and flavours passed down for centuries. Let yourself be taken away by the story that each dish can tell, choose one of the well-known wines and rely on the experience of the best chefs. The L'Amour Restaurant accompanies you from the start of the day with delicious breakfasts and brunches, always new and edited lunch menus and a varied, quality and frankly priced à la carte menu. Whatever your choice, it will always be artisanal food with a remarkable taste.

The Fulham House Restaurant

$$ 762 Fulham Rd, SW6 5SH, Fulham, London
English European Casual Dining Family Style
Fulham house is a lovely restaurant located in the heart of Fulham, one of the most renowned districts of London, in the West-end. A small restaurant that pops up on Fulham Road, dedicated to breakfasts and brunches, in a classic and straightforward English style. A traditional menu proposes culinary delicacies across the Channel; moreover, a vast section of spirits, including a considerable wine list and a good list of cocktails.

FENN Restaurant

$$$$ 194 Wandsworth Bridge Rd, SW6 2UF, Fulham, London
European Fine dining
Executive Head Chef Johnnie (founder) curates a series of seven-course menus celebrating the best this country offers. Front of House is overseen by Toby (founder) and restaurant manager Harry Cooper, previously restaurant manager and sommelier at Picture in Fitzrovia and Anglo in Farringdon, who, together with Luke (founder), have hand selected a range of wines produced in a sustainable way and seasonal drinks to complete the menu.

Ollie's House Restaurant

$$$ 236 Fulham Rd, SW10 9HL, Fulham, London
Asian Middle Eastern Casual Dining Family Style
At Ollie's, the menu was born thanks to numerous travels and culinary and non-culinary discoveries, which the owners have experienced and experienced. The culinary influences are purely Asian, especially in Southeast Asia, culinary delicacies are the main dish. The place is modern, casual and welcoming.

Kona Kai

$$ 515 Fulham Rd, SW6 1HD, Fulham, London
European Casual Dining Pizzeria Cocktail Bar
Kona Kai, a Polynesian-inspired bar and restaurant located on the Fulham/Chelsea border in London, is a tropical oasis that transports guests to the idyllic shores of the South Pacific. With its exotic and vibrant decor, complete with tiki statues, bamboo furnishings, and lush plants, Kona Kai creates a captivating, inviting, and enchanting atmosphere. The venue's name, evoking images of serene Hawaiian beaches, perfectly captures the spirit of escapism and adventure that defines the experience here. As you step inside Kona Kai, you're greeted by the warm, welcoming ambience that embodies the Aloha spirit. The interior is thoughtfully designed to evoke a sense of island paradise, with colourful lanterns, wooden carvings, and tropical motifs adorning the space. The mood is further set by an upbeat playlist of island tunes and contemporary hits, ensuring a lively and festive vibe throughout the evening. The culinary offerings at Kona Kai are a delightful exploration of Polynesian flavours and traditions, with a menu that features a variety of dishes designed to be shared. From succulent grilled meats and fresh seafood to vibrant salads and inventive small plates, each dish is prepared with an emphasis on bold, tropical flavours and fresh ingredients. The presentation is as spectacular as the taste, with each plate artfully arranged to enhance the dining experience.

Best Mangal Est 1996

$ 617-619 Fulham Road, W14 9EX, Fulham, London
International Mediterranean Middle Eastern Ethnic Premium Casual Family Style
Best Mangal offers a blend of traditional Turkish cooking with a community feeling and an emphasis on sharing and discovering new flavours. Mangal is the Anatolian term for an open charcoal fire used for cooking and around which family and friends gather to eat, drink and socialize. Best Mangal uses the freshest ingredients and char-grills them to perfection to make “the finest kebabs in London”. The restaurant is located in West Kensington, London.


$$ 585 Fulham Rd, SW6 5UA, Fulham, London
Italian Family Style Pizzeria
Located on Fulham Broadway, this fun family-style Italian restaurant is renowned for its adherence to Neapolitan traditions, authentic Italian recipes, and service with a smile. The tiled dining room is decorated with rustic furniture, and the aromas wafting from the wood-fired pizza oven should be enough to tell you you're in for a treat. The staff at Napulé restaurant import the majority of their ingredients from Italy and make everything from the pizza dough, bread, and pasta on site. The pizza here is sold by the foot and served on a wooden chopping block, made by the restaurant's head pizzaiolo who has trained with Neapolitan masters.

Pure Indian Cooking

$$ 67 Fulham High St, SW6 3JJ, Fulham, London
Indian Casual Dining Family Style
Pure Indian cooking prides itself in being a family-run restaurant and one with impeccable credentials. Owned by the husband and wife team of Faheem Vanoo and Shilpa Dandekar, both of whom started their careers with the famed Taj group in India, PURE Indian Cooking opened in 2015. Since then, with Faheem managing front of house and Shilpa, who has worked with such master chefs as the legendary Raymond Blanc OBE and Sriram Aylur of the Michelin starred Quilon, heading the kitchen, the restaurant has amassed a strong following as a refined as an exceedingly good local restaurant

Brasserie Blanc - Fulham Reach

$$$$ Goldhurst House, Parr's Wy, W6 9AN, Fulham, London
French Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Brasserie Blanc - Fulham Reach is a branch located in the heart of fulham. It is a thoughtfully conceived group full of smart ideas – from sharply designed, foodie interiors dotted with French nuances to intelligent, seasonally changing menus that sing to a distinctive Gallic provincial chanson.

Aglio E Olio

$$$ 194 Fulham Rd, SW10 9PN, Fulham, London
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual Family Style Elegant & Chic
Aglio E Olio is a cozy Italian restaurant on Fulham Road in London and we're all about simplicity serving Italian, European, and Mediterranean dishes, with a style that is quick, easy, and always absolutely delicious.

Al Santo

$$$ 23 Vanston Pl, SW6 1AZ, Fulham, London
Italian Greek Family Style
Al Santo is a quirky and small restaurant offering great quality, home-made Italian and Greek fares to local customers. From a freshly prepared takeaway panini or Spanakopita (Greek spinach and feta tart); a proper plate of home-made pasta (Spaghetti Carbonara anyone?) to more complex dishes more suited for a refined dinner.

Il Pagliaccio

$$$ 184 Wandsworth Bridge Rd, SW6 2UF, Fulham, London
Italian Family Style Pizzeria
Il Pagliaccio is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Fulham, known for its friendly atmosphere, great services, and traditional authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant has been a magnet for families and friends since 1992.
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