Best Premium Casual Restaurants in London

Siracusa - Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

$$$ Unit 2 Brentford Lock, High Street, TW8 8LF, Brentford, London
Italian Casual Dining Premium Casual Family Style
Siracusa Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria in Brentford is famous for offering Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. Combining Traditional Italian flavours with our extensive experience in restaurant hospitality, we wish to demonstrate how tradition can meet fine dining experience. That is why we embarked on the mission to provide excellent service with traditional flavours from the southern-Italian cuisine. At Siracusa Restaurant you'll also be able to choose from high-quality mains such as fish & meat dishes that will make you feel as if you were literally on the most famous Italian island, Sicily! Siracusa Restaurant is the ideal setting for a romantic dinner on the terrace as well as a gathering with friends and family. And do not forget, you can also arrange your private or full hire parties with us. The location is bright and spacious, ideal to host a big number of people for birthdays, corporate events, and any special occasion!

DeGusto - Italian Restaurant

$$ 94 Camden Rd, NW1 9EA, Camden Town, London
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual
DeGusto - Italian Restaurant & Cocktail Bar is serving the finest seasonal ingredients, locally & responsibly sourced and reinterpreted. The Bar serves Signature and Classic Cocktails, a selection of Italian & International wines, local draft beers & Aperitivo's in a warm & vibrant atmosphere. The restaurant offers typical dishes of the Italian culinary tradition, using high quality raw materials to offer the customer only the best. DeGusto is located in the heart of Camden, in London.

Farrago Restaurant

$$$ 53 Battersea Rise, SW11 1HH, Battersea, London
Italian Premium Casual
Farrago is an English word of Latin origin that literally means “Mixture, Fusion, and everything is mixed up with great passion around here! Whether you visit us for our scrumptious brunch, a mouthwatering lunch, or a relaxing and luscious dinner with family and friends, we are the perfect setting for your day out!

Fulham Tavern

$$$ 222 Munster Road, SW6 6AY, Fulham, London
International Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual Family Style Cocktail Bar
Fulham Tavern is situated in a picturesque and lively area on Munster rd in London and it's an excellent choice for anyone seeking a delectable meal in a friendly environment. The establishment offers a fantastic venue with a welcoming atmosphere, delicious food options, and an unforgettable experience. At Fulham Tavern, they take pride in providing to guests with a diverse and exciting menu that includes options for meat-eaters, seafood enthusiasts, and vegetarians alike. The comfortable and spacious setting is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends, family, or colleagues. Whether you’re a die-hard Fulham FC fan or just looking for a great spot to grab a bite and a drink, they welcome you to join us at Fulham Tavern. Fulham Tavern is an amazing option for group bookings because of its inclusive range of food options that cater to a variety of dietary requirements and preferences. With choices available for meat-eaters, pescatarians, and vegetarians alike, there is something to please everyone’s palate.

Tower Mangal Turkish Restaurants

$$ 55-57 Tower Bridge Rd, SE1 4TL, London
International Mediterranean Middle Eastern Casual Dining Ethnic Premium Casual
Our restaurant we pride ourselves on by working with the ethos of offering nothing but the best. We are a unique Specialist Turkish Restaurant. Tower Mangal brings the classics to the latest game-changers. Whether just passing through or looking for a unique dining experience, Tower Mangal invites you to try our authentic Turkish restaurant near the famous Tower Bridge, London. We can give you a true taste and service of pure Turkish cooking. Whether looking for a place to eat at lunch or dinner, Tower Mangal has a variety of contrasting and flavourful dishes to entice and surprise you.

Min Jiang

$$$$ 2-24 Kensington High Street, W8 4PT, Kensington, London
Chinese International Asian Fine dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Min Jiang is an award-winning Chinese Restaurant in the heart of Kensington. Situated on the 10th floor of the Royal Garden Hotel, with a breathtaking view over Hyde Park and London's skyline. Famous for our Beijing wood-fired duck.

Cyprus Mangal

$$ 45 Warwick Way, Lillington And Longmoore Gardens, SW1V 1QS, Pimlico, London
International Mediterranean Middle Eastern Casual Dining Ethnic Premium Casual
Cyprus Mangal is a Turkish Meze Bar and Restaurant located in the heart of Pimlico, London. Established in the year 2005, and still proves to be successful in serving its mission — to serve the finest and the best Turkish modern and classic cuisine. We pride ourselves not only on the excellent quality of our food but also on the warm and welcoming atmosphere made possible by our friendly waiting staff.

Kirvem Restaurant & Bar

$$ 663 Commercial Rd, E14 7LW, London
International Mediterranean Middle Eastern Casual Dining Ethnic Fast Casual Premium Casual
The varied menu based on the Mediterranean and Turkish cuisines is what you are offered at this restaurant. At Kirvem, guests can order tasty mixed grill, chicken wings, and king prawns. Taste good ice cream, tiramisu, and Turkish delight. This place is famous for delicious wine, white wine, or draft beer. Kirvem restaurant is located in Limehouse, London.

Gökyüzü Restaurant Chingford

$$ Southend Road, E4 8TA, Chingford, London
International Mediterranean Middle Eastern Casual Dining Ethnic Premium Casual
Gökyüzü is owned and run by us, the Yavuz family. Turkish cuisine provides flavorsome dishes at this restaurant. Nicely cooked salmon, turkey, and grilled salads have a good taste. Many visitors come to degust good baklava, Turkish delight, and yogurt. Gokyuzu has delicious wine or good lager among its drinks. At this place, guests can celebrate any event: a wedding, anniversary or birthday party. Gökyüzü is located in Chingford, London.

Testi Restaurant

$$ 38 Stoke Newington High St, N16 7PL, Hackney, London
International Mediterranean Middle Eastern Casual Dining Ethnic Premium Casual
Testi restaurant is located in the heart of Stoke Newington in East London. From our mouth-watering lamb chops to our delicious homemade starters, we make sure we offer the highest quality of food and the best service out of all of our competitors. We also specialize in private BBQ parties right in your back garden or anywhere else you'd prefer!

Moira Restaurant

$$ 2 Mastmaker Rd, E14 9AW, Canary Wharf, London
International Mediterranean Middle Eastern Casual Dining Ethnic Premium Casual
Located in the heart of London’s financial district, Moira Restaurant brings Mediterranean cuisine influenced by authentic Turkish flavours to Canary Wharf.

Antepliler Restaurant

$$ 45-46 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, N4 1AG, Harringay Ladder, London
International Mediterranean Middle Eastern Ethnic Premium Casual Family Style
The menu of Antepliler Restaurant covers all the Turkish basics and more. Starters include a rich flavoured, kelle paca (lamb soup), lahmacun, the standard dips and other, unabashedly basic goodies: sahanda sucuklu yumurta. The dishes are true to the flavours of the region. Antepliler restaurant is located on one of London's more diverse commercial streets: Green Lans, Hornsey.

Selale Restaurant

$$ 1-2-3, Salisbury Promenade, Green Lanes, N8 0RX, Harringay Ladder, London
International Mediterranean Middle Eastern Casual Dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Selale is all about bringing you the best of the varied flavours from the Mediterranean countries, in a fresh, modern environment with warm friendly service and outstanding value. Our restaurant is designed and operated by brilliant people with the emphasis on quality food and service, entertainment and local community. Selale restaurant is located in Hornsey, London.

Leila Moroccan & Lebanese Restaurant

$$$ 5, Grosvenor Parade, Uxbridge Rd, W5 3NN, Ealing, London
Moroccan Premium Casual
One of the lovely abiding facets of Moroccan and Lebanese cuisine is the relatively subtle use of herbs and spices. Whether we use parsley, mint, or coriander in our dishes or spices such as sumac and zaatar, rest assured, whatever you have ordered will be full of captivating flavours that positively sparkle! Guests often comment on the feast of eye-catching pleasures they are met with at Leila, from a mini Moroccan souk to delightful Lebanese knickknacks that set the mood for an enchanting Middle Eastern meal, a joyful party with music and belly dancing, a night out with friends, or just a quiet dinner for two. From the spice-infused souks of Morocco to the scintillating streets of Lebanon, our cooking spans the heart of what is the best in Middle Eastern food. It’s a heritage we are very proud of. Timeless, familiar yet dazzlingly different, deliciously comforting, simple yet captivating and full of depth and texture. At Leila we are adept at bringing out these favours and nuances and have done so for years, matched by fabulous drinks, gregarious service, convivial atmosphere and cosy surroundings.


$$$ 51 Pimlico Rd, SW1W 8NE, Victoria, London
Chinese Premium Casual
Hunan is a no-menu Chinese restaurant in between Chelsea and Pimlico. Founded in 1982, Hunan is famous for not having a menu. Diners don't choose, they simply tell us their dietary requirement and preferences, we then do the rest. The result is a unique meal, tailored towards your likes. We serve 12-20 courses, most of them are small tapas-sized dishes with the emphasis on tasting a lot of different things.

The Duck&Rice

$$$ 90 Berwick Street, W1F 0QB, Soho, London
Chinese Premium Casual
The best Chinese restaurant in Soho. The Duck and Rice have a mix of both classic British pub-style and with menu full of authentic elevated Chinese dishes.

Ping Pong Soho

$$$ 45 Great Marlborough Street, W1F 7JL, Soho, London
Chinese Japanese Asian Casual Dining Ethnic Premium Casual
Handmade Dim Sum and carefully crafted Cocktails, in the heart of London. We are known for our Dim Sum (点心 translates as: 'to touch the heart'), beautiful flowering Chinese teas and cocktails with a twist. Join us in one of our London restaurants in Soho. Enjoy unlimited dim sum and bottomless bellinis on Sundays - an experience not to be missed!

Royal China Club

$$$$ 40-42 Baker Street, W1U 7AJ, Marylebone, London
Chinese International Asian Casual Dining Fast Casual Premium Casual
Service is fast-paced and to the point, which is understandable considering how busy this restaurant always is. The large menu offers something for everyone and the lunchtime dim sum is very good; at dinner try their more unusual Cantonese dishes. Royal China Club is located in Marylebone, London.

Phoenix Palace

$$$ 3-5 Glentworth Street, NW1 5PG, Marylebone, London
Chinese International Asian Casual Dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Phoenix Palace is a London oriental hub popular with local residents, tourists, foodies, and high-profile dignitaries, Phoenix Palace excels in its Chinese cultural experience. There are over 300 dishes available from 8 different menus – a choice to captivate everyone's oriental palate. The luxurious ambiance and traditional oriental decor have made Phoenix Palace an ideal venue for Family Lunches, Romantic Dinners, Corporate Events and Special Celebrations for many years.

Gold Mine

$$ 102 Queensway, W2 3RR, Notting Hill, London
Chinese International Asian Casual Dining Fast Casual Premium Casual Family Style
The Gold Mine restaurant is located in Queensway, London. The menu touts a bewildering array of dishes, but most people are here to sample the Cantonese roast meats – especially the lacquered ducks. You can try braised chicken with pig’s liver or Chinese sausage.
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